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How Your Business Can be More Environmentally-Friendly?

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How Your Business Can be More Environmentally-Friendly?

Looking after the planet and being green is not only the moral thing for you to do, but it can also make a lot of good business sense.

As well as promoting a healthier workplace, going green could help your business save money as well as boosting your company’s reputation as consumers are becoming more environmentally-conscious, with a third preferring to use sustainable brands.

So how can your business be greener you may ask? Here are four ways where you can start your eco-friendly journey.

Reduce Your Waste

There are probably quite a few places where your company can save on waste and they don’t require big changes to be made in the office. It could involve installing recycling bins in the office to reduce waste, such as paper and plastic bottles.

You can also cut down on any wasted energy, which will save you money in the long run. Encourage your employees to switch off their computer monitors, printers and the lights at the end of each day as standby mode still uses power overnight and on a weekend.

Go green by switching to energy efficient bulbs and replace outdated appliances with greener counterparts that will use their energy more efficiently.

Introduce Incentives

As well as encouraging your employees to be more conscious about their energy usage, you can introduce incentives for those who travel into work the eco-friendly way.

This might include better parking spots for those who are car sharing, discounts when using public transport and perks for those who cycle or walk into work.

Consider Air Pollution Control

If your business is in industry, you may want to look at your company’s output in terms of air pollution. One of the primary ways you can ensure that you’re staying environmentally friendly as a business is by installing odour control or air pollution control systems, such as the ones offered by ERG, into your workplace.

Switch to the Cloud

This is one of the bigger changes your business can make, but it will have many advantages. As well as the business advantages, such as a more productive staff and easier to access documentation, it also has its eco-friendly credentials. Switching to the cloud means you’re storing all your documents online, so there’s less paper waste. Plus, you can save money as you don’t have to maintain expensive server equipment.

Making your business more environmentally-friendly has many perks – not only will you be saving money and promoting a healthier and happier workplace, your environmentally conscious consumers will respect your green commitment and be more likely to do business with you.


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